Select, Annotated Links Related to (Neo) Shamanism and Animism


Disclaimer: Most shamanic traditions have included the use of naturally occuring psychoactive substances as catalysts for visionary trance. Today, we commonly call such substances hallucinogens, psychedelics, or entheogens—and many countries have outlawed their possession and use. A number of links below connect researchers with information (both scientific and experiential) about these substances. These links are provided for informational purposes only! I am not encouraging anyone to break the drug laws that apply to them.
Celtic Shamanism
Brief introduction to Celtic shamanic tradition from a modern practitioner.  Links & bibliography available.  W 
“Common Themes in South American Indian Yage Experiences”  
(Michael Harner, on  Outlines five common themes found in reports of those who have taken Yage or Ayahuasca, a psychoactive tea.  Harner compares these common themes to his own experiences.  W
(Larry Williamson)  Introductory information on shamanism, Mu & Lemuria, Huna (Hawaiian shamanism), and the shaman’s tools of the trade. Not to be confused with CyberShaman IV, a commercial site hawking a machine advertised to create altered states. W
Alternative culture site, featuring articles and links on a variety of subjects.  Click on the Ayahuasca, Consciousness, Language, and Magick links for the most direct access to information on shamanism and psychedelic-fueled exploration of consciousness.  WM 
(  Follow the “Articles 1” link to find articles on a variety of subjects related to the use and experience of psychedelic substances.  W
From Erowid’s mission statement: “a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants and chemicals and related issues.”  Sections on shamanism (Mind & Spirit) and the various psychoactive plants used in traditional practice.  WR 
Epic of King Gesar: Shamans, Mongolian Shamanism, and Urban Shamanism
Provides and excellent overview of Shamanism generally & Mongolian Shamanism in particular. Features discussion by and about a modern “urban shaman” describing experiences common to shamanic traditions. Many related links. WM
“European Shamanism: A Preliminary Reconstruction”  
(Leigh Ann Hussey) A compelling attempt to reconstruct European shamanic traditions from surviving mythic traditions.  W
FAQ: Shamanism General Overview  
(Dean Edwards on  An excellent online introduction to all aspects of shamanism from a basic definition, to the ecstasy, roles, and cultural traditions of shamans.  Excellent starting point for those new to the subject; includes a bibliography of nearly 100 titles.  W 
Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS)  
(Michael Harner, founder)  A commercial site (shamanism for sale—ouch!), but nevertheless features a dozen worthwhile articles.  W 
Incantator (The)  
(Aado Lintrop)  Site devoted to Siberian shamanism and the religions of Finno-Ugrian peoples.  English on history and traditions of the Mansi and Nganasan shamans.  W 
Internet Sacred Text Archive  
Search under “shamanism” for numerous public domain texts on various shamanistic, animistic, and neopagan traditions arranged by tradition.  R
Lycaeum (The)  
An enormous database of information on psychoactive substances of all kinds.  Follow “All Categories” link to find online articles on a wide variety of topics related to the use of psychoactive substances.  See especially, “Religion and Spirituality/Shamanism.”  Site also features discussion forum and links to a large number of hosted sites.  WM
Scandanavian Center for Shamanic Studies  
Click the “Articles” link for about a half-dozen articles on various aspects of shamanism, including shamanic states of consciousness and initiation into womanhood & moon cycles.  W  
(  A number of nonacademic articles on various traditions and techniques.  W 
Shamanism: Working with Animal Spirits  
(Orca) Views animals—or, rather, animal spirits—as the shaman’s allies.  Features lists of qualities constituting the wisdom of various animal spirits for several dozen animals.  W   
Library Hut (The)  
( A long list of on-line articles related to shamanism generally and Huna (Hawaiian shamanism) in particular.  W 
The Flight of the Condor: Contemporary Shamanism  
(Stefan Neil Klemenc) A significant cache of online articles about various dimensions and traditions of shamanism.  W
Scientific Pantheism: Reverence for Nature and the Cosmos   
(Paul Harrison)  Advocates a synthesis of modern rationalism and ancient animism (i.e. scientific pantheism).  Outlines basic beliefs and practices.  W  

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