Select, Annotated Links Related to Information on Paganism/Witchcraft Old & New


Disclaimer: I am well aware that some might object to my lumping together various sites on paganism, neo-paganism, modern revival religions (Wicca, Asatru, Heathenism, etc.) under the heading “paganism/witchcraft.” I use the above label for clarity and convenience and because most search engines (and most “newbies”) recognize them. —SL
Alt.Pagan FAQ 
A worthwhile overview of terms and the various “traditions” of (Neo) Paganism.  W 
Asatru Folk Assembly  
Follow the “About Asatru” link for excellent introduction to this revival of ancient northern European religion.  Articles, stories, audio-files, and an extensive reading list.  W 
Biblioteca Arcana
Marvelous collection of original source texts and modern commentary on the theory and practice of ancient Greco-Roman religion and related esoteric practices. WP
Covenant of the Goddess  
(COG) A site dedicated to connecting covens and solitary practitioners from around the world with one another. Surf the categories for a good overview of “the craft” and practical information about modern practice.  Links.  W 
David Rankine
Follow “Library” link for a list of Rankine’s free online articles on a variety of topics related to ritual magick.  W 
Freya’s Folk (formerly American Vinland Association)
(AVA)  Modern revival of European heathenism, features online versions of articles in its periodical, Yggdrasil, and good list of links.  W 
Homepage of Welsh Witchcraft (The)  
(Assoc. of Cymry Wiccae & Dynion Mwyn)  Extensive information on this witchcraft tradition.  Numerous links divided under 32 headings.  W 
Internet Sacred Text Archive  
(J.B. Hare)  Features an assortment of public-domain online books on under such headings as Wicca & Neo-Paganism, Classical Paganism, Women, Tarot, Internet & Gardnerian Books of Shadows, Grimoires, and much more.  P
(Isaac & Phaedra Bonewits)  The homepage of widely published author and Druid, Isaac Bonewits.  Contains extensive files on a very wide range of related topics/issues.  W 
Pagan Federation (The)  
(PF)  Click the “About Paganism” link for introductory information  on paganism: wicca, shamanism, druidry, heathenism, and more.  Links and bibliography.  W 
Pagan Library (The)  
(Gunnar Reicher-Weygold)  Features an extensive online library of articles and books (some quite old and once banned) on a variety of subjects related to paganism and witchcraft.  This site is a must for serious researchers.  P 
Pagan’s Path (The)  
(Springwolf) General introductions to magick, metaphysics, karma, meditation, psychic development, herbology, holistic healing, Reiki, Celtic shamanism, and witchcraft.  Good starting place for those new to these subjects.  W 
Purple Book of Magic (The)  
(Lilinah biti-Anat)  Part of Qadash Kinahnu: A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple, an enormous online resource dedicated to Near- and Middle-Eastern paganism.  Includes lists of deities, online translations of key myths, loads of links.  The Purple Book is a guide to practicing a revived version of the ancient religion.  WMP
Qadash Kinahnu: A Canaanite-Phoenician Temple  
(Lilinah biti-Anat)  An enormous online resource dedicated to Near- and Middle-Eastern paganism.  Includes lists of deities, online translations of key myths, loads of links.  The Purple Book is a guide to practicing a revived version of the ancient religion.  WMP
(B.A. Robinson, Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance)  Follow “Wicca/Witchcraft” link for good overview of the subject drawn from various practitioners’ sites around the web.  Links and other resources.  WM 
Rowan Fairgrove’s Home Page  
(Rowan Fairgrove)  Click “Multi-faith & Religious” for an impressive list of links, including many related to heathenism, paganism, Wicca, etc.  M 
Salem Witchcraft Trials: 1692  
(Douglas Linder) Features extensive information about the Salem Witchcraft trials.  Includes original documents concerning the trial, a brief history of witchcraft trials before Salem, and Linder’s essay recounting this history.  Bibliography and links.  W 
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft: 1563-1736
(Julian Goodare, Lauren Martin, Joyce Miller, and Louise Yeoman)  Includes a database on the nearly 4,000 people accused of witchcraft in Scotland.  Features a worthwhile FAQ titled “Introduction to Scottish Witchcraft.”  Links & bibliography.  W 
“Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity”  
(Gideon Bohak, U Michigan Library)  Introduces the problems of defining the term “magic” and presents information and images of the recipe-books, amulets and gems, Babylonian demon bowls, and aggressive magic texts on display at U Michigan.  Bibliography available.  WP
“True History of Witchcraft (A).”  
(Allen Greenfield)  A thoughtful overview of the controversy about whether modern witchcraft is a recent invention or a recent expression of the oldest religion.  W
Vodoun Culture  
Nicely organized site with extensive information on the Vodoun (voodoo) culture, its pantheon, dances, and songs.  Not a primer on the subject, but a practitioner’s labor of love.  W 
Wiccan/Pagan Times (The)
(Imajicka & Boudica)  Features interviews with authors, book reviews, links, ritual page, reading list, and information on lunar phases and festival calendar.  Links and articles are excellent.  W 
Witch’s Brew   
(Lady Morgan Moonstone)  Researchers on the subject will want to follow the “Magick and BOS” link for a dictionary of witchcraft terms, a list of the world’s goddesses and their plant associations, information on gypsy love magick, dreams and their interpretation, candle-making, an herb index, and a careful discussion of guiding principles.  Links (Purple Pages) under “The Cauldron.”  W
Witchvox/The Witches’ Voice  
(Witches’ Voice)  Search under “Info” for the basics, but site also includes articles, news-tracking services, links, and many community-building features.  W 
(L.P. Ruickbie)  The “Research” link of this site is underdeveloped, but follow “Free” link for several downloadable e-books introducing the subject.  WP 

Broken Links? Have I missed an important website? Please let me know so I can keep these pages current.