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Last updated: January 2012
I offer these annotated links to students of myth, religion, and philosophy everywhere, but particularly to the students in my myth classrooms whose enthusiasm for and curiosity about these subjects continually inspires me and enriches my professional life.
There are many thousands of sites related to myth, religion, and philosophy on the Web; most feature nifty pictures and flashy graphics and very little quality information. The primary purpose of this online resource is to get serious researchers started on self-directed research projects by acquainting them with the most information-rich sites in a given subject area.
The links featured in these myth-related pages were selected according to the following criteria:
In addition to brief annotations, I have labeled each link with a code-letter to facilitate an at-a-glance assessment of what kind of source it is. Here is the key:
Sites that feature some combination of the above are double-labeled. For example, a site that features primary source material and a dictionary, glossary, or image gallery would be labled with a “PR.”
Please Note: Despite the wealth of information available online, web-based research in no way replaces old-fashioned library research. I require my students—and encourage everyone else—to verify and augment the information they acquire online at a library.
If I’ve missed a site that meets the above criteria or if you encounter a broken link, e-mail me.


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World Myth

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What is Myth?
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Is Plato’s Story of Atlantis a Myth?