Select, Annotated Links Related to East-Asian Myth, History, and Culture

East-Asian Myth Resources

Ancient Japan: Shinto Creation Stories
(Richard Hooker) Part of a much larger World Civilizations site featuring historical and cultural information on the world’s major civilizations.  A good, brief introduction to the histories, religions, and cultures of East-Asia.  W
Ancient Khmers
Introductory information on the history and religion of Cambodia’s Khmers, the people who built Angkor Wat.  W 
Astronomy in Japan
Devoted to Japanese archaeoastronomy and its development in the modern world.  Includes a number of stories drawn from traditional Japanese star lore.  W 
Buddha and Buddhism: China (The)
The Encyclopedia Britannica’s short overview of the history of Buddhism in China.  R 
Buddhanet e-Library
Search under e-Book Library and follow the links to “Buddhist Studies” and again to “Buddhist Teachings” to find “Buddhist Tales for Young and Old (Vols. 1 and 2)—100 Jataka Tales (traditional Buddhist moral fables).  The site features an impressive library of Buddhist scriptures, practice guides, histories, and more. WM 
China Experience: China Culture Index (The)
Pages on Chinese Arts & Crafts, Clothing, Script & Calligraphy, Folk Custom, Festivals, and much more.  Check under Literature for more than a dozen Chinese myths and fables.  W 
Chinese Cultural Studies: The Spirits of Chinese Religion
An excerpt from renowned East-Asia specialist Donald S. Lopez’s book Religions of China in Practice.  See also “Chinese Cultural Studies: Philosophy & Religion in China” on this site.  W
Life and translated works of Confucius in 21 languages.  WP 
Confucius: K’ung-fu-tzu or Kongfuzi
A concise overview of the key points of Confucian philosophy.  W 
Search this massive site’s Index for extensive files on China, India, Japan, and Korea.  W  
East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
Links to hundreds of sites featuring information on the history, politics, culture, religion, and languages of East Asia in general as well as on each of its constituent political units.  Rich assortment of links to philosophy and religion pages available for most countries.  M 
Encyclopedia Mythica
There are currently 168 brief articles on the deities and places in Chinese myth.  R 
Epic of King Gesar: Shamans, Mongolian Shamanism, and Urban Shamanism
Provides and excellent overview of Shamanism generally & Mongolian Shamanism in particular. Many related links. WM
Chatty introductory-level material on ancient Chinese myth and an A-Z list of Chinese gods.  R 
I Ching Bookmarks
Links to information on this ancient Chinese divination manual and book of wisdom—and its connection to acupuncture, martial arts, feng shui, and more.  M 
I Ching on the Net (The)
An online directory of translations, commentary, resources, online divination services, software, and more related to the Chinese “Book of Changes.”  M 
In a Calabash: A Chinese Myth of Origins
A modern synthesis of ancient Chinese creation myths that is true to the spirit of the originals.  Begins with a discussion of the original fragments, including the myth of Pan Gu and the material in The Heaven Questions.  W 
Internet Sacred Text Archive: Asian Traditional People
(J.B. Hare) Online books on Siberian, Malaysian, and Japanese traditional people.  Also includes material on Shinto as well the 51-volume Sacred Books of the East featuring translations of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, Zoroastrian, and Islamic sacred texts & scriptures.  P
Features brief hyperlinked articles on Japanese history, culture, and religion.  W 
Part of a mega-site devoted to fostering understanding and tolerance among the world’s faiths, “Foundation and Creation Myths in Korea and Japan: Patterns and Connections” is an introductory article on this dimension of comparative mythology.  W 
Mongolian History: Online Resources
(The Indo-Mongolian Society of New York) Vast number of links to information on Mongol history, culture, religion, and art. M
Places of Peace and Power: Asia
(Martin Gray) Brief summaries and photos of the major sacred sites of East Asia.  W 
Taoism Information Page
Comprehensive site featuring the history and beliefs of Taoism and its relationship to martial arts, Chinese medicine, Chinese philosophy.  Also features translations of the Tao te Ching, the Yi Jing (I Ching), and Sun-tzu’s Art of WarWP 
Tibetan Book of the Dead
(Summum) An online, public-domain version of the 1927 Evans-Wentz translation of this famous guide for the soul entering the afterlife. P
Welcome to the Realm of the Mongols
History and information on the Mongols. Includes online articles and a bibliography. W

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