Select, Annotated Links to Celtic Myth, History, and Culture, Including Online Arthuriana

Celtic Myth & Arthurian Resources

Arthurian Resources
(Tom Green) Scholarly articles and detailed discussion, including the Guide to Arthurian Literature, a detailed survey of nearly every early reference to Arthur, a survey of recent research results into the historicity of Arthur and the growth of his legend.  WR 
Britannia: King Arthur
Scholarly information on various aspects of the Arthurian legend, including original sources, historical maps, Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Legendary British Kings, and encyclopedia-style entries on the major characters.  WRP 
Camelot Project (The)
(University of Rochester/Rush Rees Library) The largest English-language collection of texts online.  Includes bibliographies, images, and information on all dimensions of the Arthurian Legend.  See especially their complete library of Medieval Arthurian literature.  RP 
Celtic Europe
(Leigh T. Denault) Introductory information on Celtic history, texts, language, archaeology, mythology, and bibliography.  W
(Steven A. Culbreath) Brief introductory information on a wide range of subjects including Celtic history, clans, calendar and astrology, warfare, weaponry, daily life, religion, Stonehenge, and much more.  W  
Encyclopedia Mythica
Brief entries on 147 topics related to the Arthurian legend and 240 on topics related to Celtic myth.  R 
Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
(Anniina Jokinen)  An attractive metasite featuring an impressive range of links to sites discussing Celtic myth, literature, folklore, and culture.  M 
Lugodoc’s Guide to Celtic Mythology
A sort of Cliff’s-Notes version of the major Irish and Welsh myth cycles.  W 
Pictish Nation
The commercial junk distracts, but there is balanced and relatively detailed information on the Picts, a tribe that once threatened Roman soldiers from what is now Scotland.  Links as well.  W 
Sacred Fire (The)
Information on ancient Celtic history, religion, rituals, and myth.  WP
Diverse information related to pre-Christian European belief and spiritual practice—alphabets, Celtic traditions, folklore, herblore, history, Neo-Paganism, traditional witchcraft—from the perspective of a modern practitioner of the old religion with scholarly habits.  W 
Tám bó Cualgne
English translation and Irish transcription of Tám bó Cualgne (“The Cattle-Raid of Cooley”), the central epic of the Ulster Cycle.  Also features the story of “Mac Dátho’s Pig.” P  
Voice of the Shuttle: Arthurian Studies
Briefly annotated links to “General Arthurian Resources,” “Authors and Texts” (i.e. online versions of all Medieval materials), “Journals and Societies,” “Geographic Sites,” and “Pedagogy” (teaching resources).  M 
World Civilizations: The Celts
(Richard Hooker, Washington SU) Part of Hooker’s extensive World Civilizations site, presents brief introductory information on Celtic society and religion, as well as the Celtic cultures of the Gauls, the Brittons, and the Irish.  W 

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