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Buddhism Resources

Abhidamma Vipassana
Online books and articles about Theravada Buddhism and the theory and practice of insight meditation (satipatthana vipassana).  WP
Access to Insight  
(John Bullitt)  Information on Theravada Buddhism, English translation of 900 important suttas (scriptures), a virtual library of books, essays, and sutta commentaries, and links.  WP
“Dedicated to the development of compassion, universal responsibility, and enlightenment,” this site presents teachings on Bodhicitta (compassion), the role of the Bodhisattva in the world, meditation, and core Buddhist teachings.  W 
Bonpo Traditions of Dzogchen 
(Vajranatha) Online article outlining the roots of modern Dzogchen practice in Bonpo (Tibet’s indigenous shamanic religion) and Nyingmapa.  W 
BUBL Link 
(Strathclyde U, Scotland) Vast collection of links to online resources in all academic subject areas.  Features about 30 annotated links to sites facilitating Buddhist Studies.  M  
(Buddha Dharma Education Association)  One of the most comprehensive sites on the web, features online study guides, “Basic Buddhism” resources, Buddhist scriptures & teaching, and information on Buddhist history, culture, and practice techniques.  Also features a large e-library of commentaries and primary source texts.  Much more.  WP 
Buddhism in Vietnam
(Laura Clark & Suzanne Brown) Online article presenting the history of Buddhism in Vietnam, distinguishing between major philosophical schools and practice traditions.  W 
Buddhism of T’ien T’ai (The)
(Peter Johnson) Site dedicated to the teachings of Chih-I or Great Teacher T’ien T’ai (Tendai, 538-597 CE).  Features some online scriptures and the translated teachings of the founder.  W 
Buddhism Study and Practice Group  
(Student organization, SUNY-Stony Brook)  Features various essays concerning Buddhism and its practice.  Of particular note is its collection of online Mahayana Sutras and commentaries.  WP 
Buddhism Today
(Thich Nat Tu)  Provides numerous articles and scriptures in translation.  “Newbies” should check out the “Buddhism for Beginners” link for good introductory information.  WP 
Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library   
(T. Matthew Ciolek, ed.)  A metasite with links to high-quality information on all major Buddhist lineages, e-text resources, sangha directories, and much more.  M 
DharmaNet International  
(Barry Kapke)  A massive metasite with (occasionally annotated) links to pretty much everything Buddhist—academic articles, personal pages, translated sutras, online communities, real-world sangha finders, commercial sites, and more.  M 
dmoz: Open Directory
Search engine directory of Buddhist-related sites nicely organized by tradition and such categories as Art, Glossaries, Lineages, Meditation, Psychology, and much more.  Literally thousands of briefly annnotated links. M 
Exploring Religions: Buddhism  
(Paul Flesher)  Good introductory material on the Buddhist history, organization, practice, and belief.  Glossary, definition of key terms, maps, and links also.  W
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition
Official organizational website of the Tibetan Gelugpa tradition.  Features the teachings of the Dalai Lama, Lama Thubten Yeshe, and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.  W 
Friends of the Western Buddhist Order
Official organizational site devoted to creating “new Buddhist traditions relevant to the modern world.”  W 
Hoa Hao Buddhism
Official website of this important Vietnamese Buddhist sect, featuring history, core teachings, and information on daily practice in English.  W 
Honmon BusturyuShu
Official website of this Buddhist sect outlining its heritage beginning with founder Nichiren Shonin, its basic beliefs, and practices.  Also features translated writings of Nichiren Shonin and others in the lineage.  W
Institute of Buddhist Studies
Follow the “Library” link to the IBS “Online Reading Room” for numerous monographs related to Shin (Pure Land) Buddhism. W
Internet Sacred Text Archive
(John B. Hare) Numerous public-domain books and collections on Buddhism as well as translations of Buddhist primary texts.  Several dozen texts under the sites various Buddhism categories. WP
Japanese Esoteric Buddhist Studies
A section of the official homepage of the Rev. Junnen Asunam Pope, Reiki Master, these pages outline the Shingon sect’s founding, core teachings, and means for developing one’s personal practice.  W
(New Kadampa Tradition) The official website of this Buddhist sect.  Outlines the teachings of the Buddha, meditation, tantra, and the Kadampa tradition.  W 
Kalavinka Dharma Treasury  
(Bhikshu Dharmamitra) About a dozen original translations of sacred writings (particularly those of Nagarjuna) available in PDF format; also features Dharmamitra’s dharma talks, and classic stories.  WP
Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in English  
(M.T. Lee)  More than two dozen Mahayana Sutras (scriptures) in translation online.  P 
Meditation Spot (The)
(Cheryl Woodard & Mick Wiggins) A comprehensive site featuring information on meditation from a variety of traditions, including but not limited to Buddhist traditions.  Features selections from books written by well-known meditation practitioners and more.  W 
Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research
(Yehan Numata & Buddkyo Dendo Kyokai) The self-described mission of this site is “to publish definitive translations of the entire 100-volume Sino-Japanese Buddhist canon.”  Presents a list of titles (but little in the way of description) which must be printed to be read.  P 
Prayer Wheel
(Dharma Haven) An overview of the use of prayer wheels in Tibetan Buddhism.  W 
Sakya Resource Guide  
(Jeff Watt)  Site devoted to Nepalese sage, Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltsen (1182-1251).  Features biography and teachings in translation.  W 
The Shambala organization’s official site. Features teachings on Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Buddhist doctrine, and the life and teachings of founder Chögyam Trungpa; information on organization-sponsored activities and workshops as well.  W
Shin Dharma Net 
Official website of the Shin and Pure Land Buddhist sects outlining “Shin basics.”  Also features key Shin/Pure Land sutras (scriptures), writings, worship, poetry, and other resources.  W 
Shingon Buddhist International Institute
Official website outlining the history, teachings, deities, and rituals of the Shingon sect.  Also features a selection of recent teachings.  W 
Stanford Center for Buddhist Studies
(Wendy Abraham, Stanford U)  Site is still in development, but follow “Resources” link to find the Soto Zen Text Project and several papers and bibliographies on various East Asian Buddhist traditions.  W  
Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center (The)  
Provides encyclopedic entries on important figures in Tibetan Buddhism and photos of important areas in this region.  R 
A minimalist site featuring online books outlining key teachings and practices of the Vipassana (insight meditation) school of Buddhism.  W 
Zen Guide  
Self-described as a comprehensive on-line resource for zen and buddhism practicioners providing information on history, principles, meditation guide, zen and buddhism related media (books, art, video and audio), organizations directory, and links to additional on-line resources.  W
(Kodaiji Temple)  A funny, beautiful, interactive exploration of Zen fundamentals.  More like doing Zen than reading about it.  W
Zen in Daily Life
(Ofer Cohen)  Features translations of some of the most important teachings of Zen Master Dogen, founder of the Soto Zen tradition.  Introduction to the Soto school, Zen terms, Q & A, and links as well.  WP

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