Select, Annotated Links to Information on Roman Myth, History, and Culture

Roman Myth Resources

Ancient and Lost Civilizations
(Ellie Crystal, Crystalinks) Part of the enormous Crystalinks site, search under “Ancient Rome” for good information about Roman history, society, material culture, myth, religion, and more.  W
Ancient World (The)
Features encyclopedia-style entries on a wide range of topics.  Well-indexed; search under Rome, Jews, and Christians before Constantine for introductory historical information.  W 
Collegium Religionis
A neopagan site “dedicated to the historical recreation of the Relgio Romana by means of discussion, study, practice, and creative expression.”  Features a dozen or so links to sites dealing with various aspects of the ancient Roman religion.  W 
Electronic Journal of Mithraic Studies
(U Huelva, Spain) Scholarly articles available on “all aspects of the mysteries of Mithras, including history, archaeology, theology, sociology, [and] others.”  W 
Electronic Resources for Classicists
(Maria C. Pantelia)  Annotated links to numerous sites; headings include “Gateways of Information,” “Lists and Links,” “Classics Resources,” “Author-Specific Web Sites,” “ E-Text Archives,” and K-12 Resources. 
Exploring Ancient World Cultures (EWAC): Rome
EWAC’s articles are concise and informative.  Features discussions of Virgil’s Aeneid, Mithraism, Chronology, links, and an image gallery.  WMP 
Forum Romanum
(David Camden) An important metasite, featuring a digital library of the entire body of Latin literature, online copies of Johnston’s The Private Life of the Romans and Morey’s Outlines of Roman History, Latin language resources.  Students of myth should certainly consult the “Genealogy of the Gods,” a hypertext family tree featuring over 1000 characters in Greco-Roman myth that can be “clicked” for dictionary entries on their qualities and deeds.  MR 
History Guide (The)
(Steven Kreis, Wake Technical CC) Hyperlinked course lectures on the history of civilization from the ancient Near East to the early European Renaissance.  The five lectures devoted to Rome provide a solid, short orientation.  W 
Illustrated History of the Roman Empire
Presented in “chapters” from “The Founding” to “Constantinople,” with sections on “Religion,” “Society,” and “The Army,” interactive maps, and image galleries.  A good starting place for those new to the subject. 
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome
(Paul Halsall, Fordham U) An indispensable metasite featuring a vast array of articles on Roman history and culture and links to websites rich in information about history, religion, art & architecture, music, every day life, and much more.  Unfortunately, many links to Roman-related sites need to be updated.  M
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Search this invaluable site under “Classics” for downloadable, public-domain books related to Roman literature and myth. P 
LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World
(Bill Thayer, U Chicago) A crucial metasite, featuring links to over 1200 pages, including translated primary source materials, image galleries, Latin language resources, history resources, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and more.  M 
(Jona Lendering) Over 1700 pages featuring articles on all the major civilizations.  Search under “Ancient Rome” for articles on important people, encylopedia-style entries on various positions within the Roman political hierarchy, and images.  W 
(Alison B. Griffith, Evansville U) An entry in the Ecole Initiative site on this important cult of the ancient Roman world.  R 
Mithraism: The Cosmic Mysteries of Mithras
(David Ulansey) Features an adaptation of Ulansey’s Biblical Archaeology Review article, “Solving the Mithraic Mysteries” and a summary of his Oxford UP book, The Origins of the Mithraic MysteriesW 
Mysterious Etruscans (The)
Information about the cities, religion, art, and history of the mysterious people who founded Rome and dominated the western Italian peninsual during the Roman Monarchy.  W  
Religio Romana
A neopagan site with some of the best information on the web about ancient Rome’s religion, festival calendar, rites and ritual, home religion, beliefs about the afterlife, and more.  Links as well.  W
Roman Religion Articles of Smith’s Dictionary (The)
Part of the crucial LacusCurtius metasite, this link takes you directly to the Smith’s Dictionary index page where you can find over 400 articles on Roman religion—divinities, temples, ritual, festivals, divination, priesthoods, and  much more.  R 
Well-organized site featuring excellent introductory information on the Roman military, government, and daily life.  W 
Women in Ancient Rome
Detailed information on the lives of women in the ancient Roman world. Includes links to information on such relevant subjects as Divorce, Dowry, Mariage, Vestal Virgins, and the Augustan Reformation. W
Women in the Ancient World
(James C. Thompson) Find “Women in Ancient Rome” in the site index for inforrmation on the status of and roles available to Roman women. W
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