Tools for Researching Philosophy

The Basics: Metasites, Encyclopedias, and Dictionaries


(Thomas Ryan Stone) Links to over 18,000 philosophy resources.  Well maintained and easy to navigate.  M 
Erratic Impact  
Metasite featuring dozens of annotated links organized by historical period, subject matter, and author.  Site designed as a research aid to students and interested specialists alike.  M
Intute Arts & Humanities (formerly Humbul Humanities Hub)   
Scroll down to the information about Humbul Humanities to search links to about 1000 philosophy-related websites, ranging from sites devoted to topics ranging from single ethical issues to philosophical schools of thought to full-text journal resources.  M 
Philosophy on the Web: A Comprehensive Web Directory  
(Adrian Hart, Zeroland)  Part of a much larger “systematic and comprehensive overview or ‘map’ of art and culture web pages throughout the world.  Topics are indexed alphabetically by subject, genre, period, name, or country.”  M 

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names (A)  
(Garth Kemerling) Extensive list from “A” propositions to “zombie.” R 
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind  
(Chris Eliasmith)  Nicely designed to give a brief definition of key philosophical terms related to the philosophy of mind.  Most terms also feature links to related terms, discussion, and more detailed reference information.  R
Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (The)   
(James Fieser and Bradley Dowden)  Alphabetical index of highly readable articles contributed by various specialists on all major figures, ideas, and movements.  R 
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
(Metaphysics Research Lab, Stanford U)  Click “Principle Site” icon for access to the most comprehensive encyclopedia of philosophy on the web.  Articles from Abelard, Peter to Zombies. (What is it about philosophers & zombies anyway?)  R