Select, Annotated Links to European/Norse Myth, History, and Culture

European/Norse Myth Resources

Asgard Web (The)
Links to a variety of sites related to European mythology.  M 
Asturies Memoria Celta
Multilingual site devoted to information on the history, culture, crafts, folkways, and pre-Christian beliefs of the Asturian (Celtic) culture of northern Spain.  W 
Berkeley Digital Library
Features a number of public-domain English translations of Norse and Northern European Sagas.  Including The Laxdaela Saga, Heimskringla (Chronicles of the Kings of Norway), Nibelungenlied, and many more.  P 
German Culture
A comprehensive tourist-oriented site featuring numerous articles on all things German.  Click the history bar at the top of the page for background information on early and medieval German history.  W 
Heroic Age
(Historical Text Archive) Online article that outlines the traditional view of Aryan society and culture and invites the reader to consider how history is sometimes abused in order to justify or maintain political power relationships.  WP 
History of Religion in Wales
(BBC) Introductory information on the religious history of Wales, including its pre-Christian religious history.  W  
Internet Sacred Text Archive: Europe
(J.B. Hare) This indispensable online companion for the myth-researcher features such modern resources as Teutonic Myth and Legend (1912), The Hero of Esthonia (1895), Baltic Wizards (1928)—as well as Basque, Celtic, Eastern European, English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Scandiavian, and Spanish folklore, myth, legend, romances, epics, and fairy tales.  P
(SKS, Finnish Literature Society) Brief overview of the Kalevala’s 50 “runes” (chapters) and introductory information on the history of collection of pre-Christian myths and songs.  W 
Kalevala: From Myth to Symbol
(Michael Branch) Excellent article on the history of the Kalevala, Finland’s national epic.  W 
Lithuanian Ethnoculture (Anthology of)
(University of Vilnius) Part of the UV’s online “Anthology of Lithuanian Ethnoculture.” Search under “Religion and Mythology” for an overview of Lithuanian pre-Christian religion. Search under “Folklore” for information about spells, songs, and tales. W
Myth*ing Links: Europe
(Kathleen Jenks, Emeritus Pacifica Graduate Institute) A rich source of articles related to all aspects of European myth, fairy tales, folklore, sacred art, and other sacred traditions.  M 
Northvegr Foundation
A researcher’s paradise!  Sponsored by the Northvegr Foundation, a group devoted to the revival of Heithni, the pre-Christian religion of northern Europe.  Includes a comprehensive online library of primary and secondary texts, fairy tales, myths, and sagas.  Also features extensive bibliographies, information on ancient calendrics, religion, runes, as well as online lexicons, dictionaries, and language primers.  WPR 
Origin of Finns (The)
Good information on Finnish prehistory, language, culture, the Finnish kingdom, the sacred lake, Kaali, and links.  W  
Resources for the Study of Beowulf
(Araby Greene) An excellent metasite with links to a wide variety of resources for the study and deeper appreciation of the epic poem, Beowulf. M
Slavic Paganism & Witchcraft
(Ainsley Friedberg) A modern revival site, featuring good introductory information on Slavic pagan beliefs, holidays, divinities, herb lore and ritual recipes, magic, a bibliography, and links (many, however, are broken).  W 
Teutonic Mythology
(Boudica’s Bard) Online version of the 1887 book by Viktor Rydberg.  A good example of 19th-century European mythographers’ preoccupation with the Aryan Hypothesis.  Contains then-current information on Germanic divinities and story cycles, most of which is still valuable.  P 
Thain’s Book (The)
As the site’s splash page says, “[a searchable] encyclopedia of the people, places, creatures, things, and events in The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and other writings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Entries include descriptions, histories, important dates, genealogies, etymologies, illustrations, sources and cross-references. The Chronology of Middle-earth and Numenor is a timeline of events in the Second, Third, and Fourth Ages including a day-by-day breakdown of events during the War of the Ring.” P
Theosophical Perspectives on World Spiritual Traditions
(Theosophy Northwest) Scroll down to “Ancient Europe” for about a dozen articles on a wide variety of topics related to pre-Christian myth, ritual, and sacred spaces in Europe (particularly Norse and Welsh traditions).  W 
Official web page of Thorshoff Journal which is devoted to “articles, rituals, and Artwork inspired by the myths of the Thudergod.”  Click the scrolling subject index link to see a list of archived articles arranged by topic.  Also features information on heathenism, Northeast European divnities, bibliography, and links. W 
Tolkien Online
A site dedicated to the life and work of J.R.R. Tolkien. Features a brief biography, discussion of Tolkien’s scholarly interests and their influence on his famous Middle Earth novels, summaries of the stories, and links to other Tolkien-related online resources. P
Viking Answer Lady (The)
Click the “Myth” link on the tiny bar at the top of the page to find more than a dozen excellent articles on various questions related to Norse myth.  Excellent information as well on Viking daily life, technology, agriculture, war, and art.  W 
(BBC) Introductory information on Viking history, religion, culture, and archaeological digs.  W 
World of the Vikings (The)
This site is, as advertised, the “definitive guide to Viking resources on the Internet.”  Click on “Viking Web Links,” and select “Academic” for access to a wide variety of FAQs, books, and articles on Viking history, religion, and culture.  WM 

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