Select, Annotated Links Related to North-, Meso-, & South-American Myth, History, & Culture

Indigenous American Myth Resources

Aboriginal Links: Canada & U.S.
Links to a couple hundred sites, including official tribal web pages and online articles concerning Native American history, religion, and culture.  M 
American Indian Culture Research Center
(AICRC) Designed “to inform the general public of the world view, the philosophy of life, and the spiritual insight of Native Peoples.”  Features information on Dakota spirituality, women’s issues, a bibliography, 8 myths, and links.  WP
Aviary (The)
A site devoted to Ravens, Crows, and other members of the family Corvidae.  Check out “Stories” for more than a dozen Native American Raven myths. Crow/Raven stories from other traditions make cross-cultural comparisons easy. WP 
Chiricahua and Mescalero Apache Texts
(U Virgina E-Text Library) One of dozens of public-domain, online books relating to Native American myth, history, and culture archived on this must-visit site. Nearly 60 Apache myths collected and extensively annotated by professional folklorists.  (Also available in Apache!)  P 
Crystalinks: Ancient and Lost Civilizations
(Ellie Crystal)  Part of the enormous Crystalinks site, search the alphabetical index for introductory historical information on a wide variety of South, Meso-, and North-American native cultures.  Site elsewhere features myths from many cultures native to the Americas.  W 
Encyclopedia Mythica
Features over 570 hyperlinked articles on various Native American mythic figures and religious concepts.  Be sure to click the link to Native American “folktales” for access to more than a dozen stories from all over the Americas.  R 
Encyclopedia of Hoçak (Winnebago) Mythology (The)
The Hocak nation’s excellent official website, featuring language guides, information on story-telling, archaeological information, online articles, images, external links, and hundreds of hyperlinked Hotcâk stories.  W Native American Mythology
Godchecker is an excellent online resource for brief, chatty descriptions of hundreds of world-myth deities.  Check out the Native American Mythology entries for specifics on gods as well as important ritual objects like Totem-Poles.  R 
Haudenosaunee: People Building a Long House
The official Home Page of the Haudenosaunee (the six-nation Iroquois League).  Click on the “Culture” link to read about the Haudenosaunee creation story, role of the Clan Mother, role of the Chiefs, their cultural values, and world view.  Site down for reconstruction; keep checking. W
History, Myth, and Migration in Mesoamerica
An online version of Alexander F. Christensen’s scholarly paper on the relationship between myth, history, and migration. This article lives on John W. Hoope’s web page, which also features Hoope’s own online articles on precolumbian culture.  W 
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (The)
(Roy Davies) Oriented to hikers and tourists interested in the Inca Trail.  However, its overview of archaeological sites, especially Machu Picchu, photos, and long list of links make this site worthwhile for the armchair mythologist as well.  W
Click on the site’s “Resource Directory” and then “Welker’s Bookmarks” for an extensive list of bookmarked links.  Also check out “Myths/Legends/Stories” for access to bibliographies and more than 100 stories, arranged by type.  WM 
Internet Sacred Text Archive
Click on “Native American” for stories and cultural and historical information from about a dozen North, Meso-, and South-American native peoples.  WP 
Jaguar Sun
Information on Maya culture, traditional religion, calendar, ancient kingdoms, the Palace of Mirrors.  Also features links.  W 
James Q. Jacobs
Images and quality information on the history and culture of many tribes indigenous to mesoamerica, the American southwest, and the Andes.  Information, for example, on Mesoamerican archaeoastronomy and the modern Andean Sun Festival.  W 
Lords of the Earth
Jackpot!  A crucial site for those interested in scholarly discussion of archaeological and anthropological issues related to the Maya, Aztec, Mixtec, Inca, and North American Indian cultures.  Discussion of sites, myths, and various cultural practices.  Excellent information on archaeoastronomy for Maya calendar enthusiasts.  W 
Machu Picchu Library (The)  
(Mike DeHart)  An impressive collection of links to organizations, museums, and online articles concerning Peru, Andean Culture, The Inca, and especially the history, archaeology, and meaning of Machu Picchu,  WM 
Machu Picchu, Inca Pachacuti’s Sacred City
(Gary Ziegler and J. McKim Malville)  Online article discussing Machu Picchu’s original functions as ritual, ceremonial, and administrative center.  Impressive bibliography.  W 
Machu Picchu: Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas
(Robert J. Gangewere, Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh)  An introductory overview of archaeological discoveries and the mysteries surrounding the Inca’s Machu Picchu.  W 
Mayan Folktales
( Five Maya folktales translated by Fernando Peñalosa from his Tales and Legends of the Q’anjob’al MayaWP 
Maya Astronomy Page (The)
Good coverage of what is known about the astronomy, written language, and calendar of the Maya. Includes links. WM
MesoWeb: An Exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures
(Joel Skidmore) Many links and much quality information on the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacano, Zapotec, Mixtec, Toltec, and Aztec cultures.  Interesting online articles on human sacrifice, the history and importance of specific sites, various deities, and lots more.  WM 
Native American Culture
Links to several dozen sites featuring stories.  Lots of other information and features, including links to art & image galleries and information on food-ways, genealogies, dance, herb-lore, rituals, history, and more.  M  
Native American Indian Resources
(Paula Giese) Links to over 300 pages, including relevant e-texts, language learning resources, tribal websites, and traditional stories.  Unfortunately, this page is no longer maintained and many links are broken.  But the annotations provide enough information for you to “google” and find the new URLs of many of the defunct links. M
Native American Legends, Myths, and Lore
Features 165 stories from many Indian nations.  P  
Native Languages of the Americas: Native American Cultures
Learn about Amer-Indian history, culture, art, and beliefs from the tribes themselves. Links to several dozen official tribal websites, language resources, book lists, plus numerous links to resources about American Indian culture.    M
Provides links to sites featuring information on the history, culture, and traditions, and modern issues facing indigenous peoples from around the world. Worth visiting the “Nations Guide” for links to sites related to particular tribes/peoples and the “Religion/Spirituality” for sites related to “native” practices and beliefs.  WM 
Qosqo: Inka’s Sacred Capital
(Vicente Goyzueta)  A wide-ranging site, including modern materials.  However, for those interested in the history, culture, and religious imagination of the traditional Inca/Inka, there are several powerful essays here.  W
Quetzalcoatl: The Man, The Myth, The Legend
(Katherine Guardado and David Shindle)  Maps, bibliography, pronunciation guides, time-lines, a list of deities (under “Dramatis Personae”), images, and introductory information on the Maya and Olmecs.  Extensive focus on the central Mesoamerican deity, Quetzalcoatl.  W 
Religion, Society, and Culture in Newfoundland and Labrador
(Hans Rollman, Memorial U of Newfoundland) Click on “Native Religions” for an impressive list of online articles on the religions of the indigenous peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador (e.g. Beothuk, Micmac, Inuit, and Innu).  W 
Role of Creation and Origin Myths . . . (The)
(Tarmo Kulmar)  A short scholarly article discussing  the role of the Inca’s cosmogonic myths and the development of their state religion.  W 
Six Nations (The)
Part of the much larger Rathaus site, the art, essays, and links on this page relate to the confederation of tribes commonly known as the Iroquois or the Hau de no sau nee (pronounced ho dee noe sho nee and meaning “People Building a Long House”). You’ll find history, myth, and a taste of what the Hau de no sau nee are doing in the modern world. MP
South and Mesoamerican Archaeology
(CyberPursuits) Extensive links to organizations and online discussion of archaeological discoveries and projects throughout South and Mesoamerica.  Organized by culture.  M 
Stonee’s Weblodge
Search under “Lores” for the most recently posted stories.  Search by year for archived stories.  Features some links of interest as well.  WP 
University of Virginia E-Text Library: Native American
An extensive library of materials related in some way to Native American history, culture, myth, and religion.  Some texts demonstrate 19th-century Anglo attitudes (e.g. James Fennimore Cooper’s The Last of the Mohicans); others are 19th century approaches to myth (e.g. John Fiske’s Myths and Myth-Makers) and still others are retellings of Native American stories (e.g. Amy Lowell’s Many Swans: Sun Myth of the North American Indians).  P 
WWW Virtual Library: American Indians
Links to information on culture, history, language, archaeology, indigenous knowledge, e-texts, and much more.  M 

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