Select, Annotated Links to Information on African Myth, History, and Culture

African Myth Resources

African Traditional Religion
Covers a wide variety of issues related to traditional African religion, including the importance of ancestors, the roles of women, and myths of the Bantu.  Links to pages focusing on specific African religions and cultures.  WM 
Ancient Africa’s Black Kingdoms
Site has a variety of annotated links to online articles, bibliographies, image galleries, and websites devoted to the religion, archaeology, art, and history of a number of African kingdoms—including those of Nubia, Kush, and Egypt.  M
Books and Papers on African Religions (U Calgary)
Features an online version of F. B. Welbourn’s introductory text on African religion, Atoms and Ancestors.  Also features several online articles, a bibliography, and links.  W
Cutting to the Essence: Shaping the Fire
Art exhibit with introductory essays discussing Yoruban and Akan religion and art.  W 
Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria
A feature of the site, an online version of Elphinstone Dayrell’s 1910 Folk Stories from Southern NigeriaP
Gods of African Mythology (The)  
A section of, a searchable encyclopedia featuring 188 African gods.  R 
Gods, Goddesses, and Supernatural Beings
Part of the Mircea Eliade site, features stories concerning 6 African deities.  WP 
Ifa Foundation
Site devoted to the Ifa religion of Yoruba.  Information on ceremonies, divination, spiritual tools, and more.  W 
Internet African History Sourcebook
(Paul Halsall, ed., Fordham University) A subsection of Fordham’s Ancient History Sourcebook.  Features links to “megasites,” special-interest web pages, and on-line articles, reviews, and discussions conerning Africa, etc.  M
Internet Sacred Text Archive (Africa)
The go-to site for primary source material on the world’s myths.  The African section features a brief history as well as tales from South Africa, the Bantu, West and Central Africa, and the African diaspora.  P
A site devoted to world myth.  Look under “Myth by Culture” to find the site’s limited-but-worthwhile African contents.  W 
Myths of Creation and Origin
Part of the Mircea Eliade site, features 2 African creation myths.  WP 
Neither Goddesses Nor Doormats: The Role of Women in Nubia
Online scholarly article presenting a brief history of pharaonic-era Nubia and the role of women.  W 
Stanford University: Africa South of the Sahara
Links to various aspects of sub-Saharan religion, including a few references to sacred stories and divinities.  Traditional African religion section worth visiting.  M 
Yoruba World (The)
Short introduction to ritual, religion, and divination in Yoruba and Ifa traditions.  W

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