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ENGL 3710: British Literature 1

Contact Information for Fall Semester 2013

Instructor: Dr. Scott A. Leonard
Phones: 330.941.1651 (O); 330.559.1821 (M)
Campus Office: Debartolo Hall 243
e-mail me
Scheduled contact hours:
ENGL 3710-44803 meets TR 11:00a—12:15p in DeBartolo 262
Office hours: TR 12:30—1:30p; W 12:00—3:00p; and by appointment

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Please read thoroughly all of the information contained in the links below. This is our hand-shake deal for the semester. You will be held accountable for all of it, so know what will be expected of you. While this should be incentive enough, there will be a quiz over all of the information contained in each of the three links below.
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