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ENGL 3706: Critical & Literary Theory

Contact Information for Fall Semester 2013

Instructor: Dr. Scott A. Leonard
Phones: Office—(330) 941-1651; Mobile—(330) 559-1821
Campus Office: Debartolo Hall 243
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Scheduled contact hours
ENGL 3706-46031 was originally scheduled to meet on TR between 2:00—3:15p in 2008 Moser Hall. Due to lack of enrollment, this course has been converted to a conference course. Therefore, we will meet at our regular time and place on Tuesday, 27 August to discuss how we’ll reconfigure this course to avoid the awkardness of big-hall lecturing to small numbers. You should have received email (addressed to your YSU account) regarding possible ways we can make our small numbers work for us. See you in class to work out the details and to get started on the readings.
Office hours: M 12:00—3:00p; T & TH 12:30p—1:30p; and by appointment. You may, of course, email me with any questions or concerns relating to the class and expect a speedy reply.

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Please read thoroughly all of the information contained in the links below. This is our hand-shake deal for the semester, so know what you’re agreeing to. I will assume you’ve read all of the information contained in the course description and that you are checking the course calendar every week. If you’d prefer to avoid crabby remarks from me, don’t ask me what we’re doing in class until you’ve consulted these pages first.
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